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Inventek Li-ion Batteries Cell-Stack
Inventek Li-ion Battery Powered Go-Kart
42V Rolled-Ribbon module
Proof-of-Concept test vehicles

High Power and Compactness
7.3kW/L, 3.3kW/kg

Usable Energy with Demanding Surges
80% of rated capacity at continuous 15C discharge rate

Ease of Manufacture
Scalable manufacturing for large cells and packs

Cradle-to-Cradle Design
Simple deconstruction and recycling for 66% reduction in battery material replacement cost at end of life

Rolled-Ribbon™ optimizes high-power efficiency from cell to system.

The unique form factor opens power-robbing bottlenecks,** resulting in an exceptionally compact, powerful battery that does not overheat with demanding surges. Generated heat is uniformly collected and removed by large hardware, preserving chemical integrity.

The design is versatile and scalable. It can utilize best available chemistries and build optimized solutions for the diverse demands of new markets.

*With historically available Gen1 chemistry.

**Using continuously tabbed technology, the Rolled-Ribbon™ opens power surge bottlenecks inside the cell. Stacking cells simplifies interconnections and enhances compact power, key in space constrained automotive applications.

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InvenTek is seeking partners to commercialize its powerful and efficient Rolled-Ribbon™ battery technology